Small Toy Hauler RVs: How to Choose the Right One for You

Small Toy Hauler Campers: How to Choose the Right One for You

Small Toy Hauler RVs: How to Choose the Right One for You

Are you tired of staying in hotels while you’re out of town?? Why not travel in style by bringing your own small toy hauler RV with you? Smaller than a standard trailer, these RVs are built to haul toys, motorcycles, jet skis, and other toys — hence the name toy hauler.

Many manufacturers programmed an absurd amount of options and amenities into these rigs. Today we’ll look at the best small toy hauler RVs available.

What are the different types of toy haulers?

In layperson’s terms, toy haulers are RVs, and Motorhomes are both; some key differences should be considered before deciding.

The exterior height of motorhome toy haulers is higher because of their bigger frames and heavier construction, making them more stable in rough weather.

They also have more space than toy haulers, especially if you want lots of storage and garage space.

Still, there are exceptions like Toy Hauler Trailers Flyer Explore Geo Pro that can offer a lot of storage space while still being smaller and lighter.

How do I choose a small toy hauler?: Deciding on the size and type of toy hauler will depend on how many toys you plan to carry around with you and your lifestyle.

If you only plan to use it occasionally, something smaller like an Explorer Trailer may be all you need.

Still, if you plan to travel extensively with it, it may be worth spending extra money on something more extensive and sturdier like an Outfitter Trailer.

What are the advantages of a small toy hauler camper?

For those who love to spend their time off-roading or in remote locations, you probably already know that most campers just aren’t designed with these purposes in mind.

Many models are too large and unwieldy, while others lack features (such as a bathroom) needed when spending long periods off-road. By contrast, toy haulers tend to be designed with extra features not found in traditional campers.

Most have a garage area where you can safely store dirt bikes or other toys when you’re not on an adventure.

Others are lightweight enough that they won’t be a burden when traveling into remote areas.

Small Toy Hauler RVs: How to Choose the Right One for You

And some even come with extra storage space so you can bring along tools and supplies without worrying about them getting damaged.

When it comes down to choosing a camper built specifically for off-roading adventures, there is no better option than a small toy hauler RV.

Toy Hauler Travel Trailers vs Fifth Wheels

In addition to choosing between toy haulers and fifth wheels, you’ll need to decide if you want a travel trailer or a fifth wheel.

The significant difference is that travel trailers don’t require a hitch; they tow via a ball-mounted connector on their rear, while fifth wheels connect to your truck via a hitch.

Travel trailers are also easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces because of their smaller size.

Fifth wheels are often more spacious than travel trailers but can be difficult to park because of their length.

Some people prefer one over another due to personal preference, while others stick with what they know.

For example, some full-time RVers stick with what works with travel trailers, and others try out everything before settling on a specific type of rig.

Can you live in a toy hauler?

With so many toy hauler travel trailers on the market, you might be wondering if you can live in one of these machines, and the answer is yes! With an astounding amount of space and many amenities, these travel trailers surpass even many full-size motorhomes.

So how do you know which travel trailer toy hauler will work for you? Please keep reading to find out what we consider when shopping for a toy hauler and which one we recommend.

A list of considerations when choosing a toy hauler versus a trailer length, towing capacity, hitch size, amenities, indoor living area, outside storage facilities, trailer width, driver accessibility, residential use, safety features, energy efficiency, and cost.

Most toy haulers have an exterior length of fewer than 30 feet, meaning they can be towed by any vehicle with a Class III or higher tow hitch.

However, some are longer than 30 feet and require a special Class A or B tow hitch; check your owner’s manual or call your dealer for more information if you’re not sure what you need.

What are the disadvantages of a small toy hauler?

The advantages of small toy haulers are apparent; they save you lots of space and provide you with amenities usually only found in larger campers.

However, their small floor plans and simple design mean a few downsides that new owners may not think about when shopping for an RV.

 If you’re looking to buy a small toy hauler, here are some things you should consider first.

For starters, a smaller floor plan will likely mean fewer amenities.

While one of these small RVs will have all the basics covered – like cooking facilities, a bathroom, and sleeping quarters – it won’t have as many extra features as its big-brother motorhome cousins.

This makes sense when you consider that there isn’t room for them! However, it can also leave RV owners feeling like something is missing from their rig once they take it out on tour.

Keep in mind that some small toy haulers aren’t meant to be full-time homes.

Space is at a premium in these little rigs; while some floor plans allow for standing height in certain areas (like your bed), most are built with sitting or kneeling heights throughout.

 If you have back problems or other issues that make sitting uncomfortable or painful, you may want to think twice before buying a small toy hauler if you plan on living in it full time.

Good Brands of Lightweight and Small Toy Haulers

A lightweight toy hauler or small toy hauler is perfect for many.

They’re smaller than regular toy haulers, which means they have fewer amenities.

But they also weigh less and cost less, making them easier to tow with smaller trucks and SUVs.

Popular brands of these lightweight models include CrossRoads RV and Forest River.

Rockwood Geo Pro series camper trailers and Shasta Cascade Toy Haulers from Four Winds RV are two specific models worth noting.

The Shasta Cascade Toy Haulers come in six different sizes ranging from 17-22 feet long and 7-12 feet wide.

The smallest size has only two bunks but weighs under 2,000 pounds empty. The largest model has five bunks and weighs nearly 3,000 pounds empty.

The Rockwood Geo Pro toy haulers range in length from 16-20 feet and width from 8-10 feet.

Three models can be towed by most half-ton pickup trucks, while larger units need a three-quarter-ton truck or SUV.
Most toy haulers can be towed by full-size SUVs like an Expedition, Suburban, Excursion, or Armada, depending on weight and engine size.

This information was provided by MotorHome magazine (January 2009).

If you are looking for an economical toy hauler travel trailer, take some time to research and find one that fits your needs without breaking your budget.

How much does a small toy hauler cost?

The cost of a small toy hauler is highly dependent on your individual needs.

Factors like size, weight capacity, and amenities are important considerations when determining a price range.

If you plan to take it on long road trips, larger hauling capabilities will be more expensive than if you plan to use it primarily in your driveway.

However, many small toy haulers provide enough space for family camping or tailgating without being overly pricey.

The same goes for other factors—smaller RVs are less expensive than larger ones. For example, a 22-foot RV can easily cost around $50,000, while a 33-foot RV could reach upwards of $80,000.

As with any purchase, it’s best to set a budget before shopping around.

What are travel trailers under 3500 pounds?

A small travel trailer, or lightweight toy hauler, can be pulled with just about any vehicle thanks to the size of these lightweight travel trailers under 3,500 pounds.

Here’s a list of our favorite lightweight travel trailers and toy haulers under 3,500 pounds and ready to hit the road!

1- Forest River RV Rockwood GEO Pro 19BH

The Forest River RV Rockwood GEO Pro 19BH is one of the smallest toy haulers available. It comes with a hitch weight of around 1,995 pounds, but it also offers a sleeping space up to 5.6 feet long.

Other features include an elevated roof and 7/8 flooring to maximize headroom within your trailer.

Some optional features include front and rear ladders, dual entry doors on both sides of your trailer, and USB and electrical connections. (1554 lbs)

2- Keystone RV Springdale 1750RD

The Springdale 1750RD is a lightweight travel trailer with two slide outs and a large garage area for storage. With features such as an entertainment centre and a dinette that converts to a bed, you can rest easy on your next camping trip. It also has many nice standard features like hardwood cabinets and a 50-amp service hook-up.

3- Winnebago Hike 170S

The Winnebago Hike 170S is a small travel trailer designed for 2 people and can be towed with an SUV or mid-size pickup truck.

With a dry weight of 3,260 pounds and an overall length of 20’7.5, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to bring along extra gear without taking up a lot of garage space.

4- Forest River RV Cherokee Wolf Pup 16TS

The Cherokee Wolf Pup travel trailer by Forest River RV features an exterior width of 8′ 6 and a maximum interior height of 7′ 0. With these measurements, you can have more space for family and friends.

The bathroom has plenty of room for those late-night trips to find relief in one of its two entry/exit doors. You will also find a convenient electrical outlet next to both doors that makes it easy to charge your cell phone or other devices while everyone is sleeping.

5- Coachmen RV Apex Nano 185BH

The Apex Nano is a small and lightweight travel trailer that’s easy to tow.

It weighs just under 3,000 pounds at 2,870 pounds and is 20’7 long. Designed for two people, it has a drop-down queen bed and an onboard generator.

You can explore new places with ease in your Apex Nano RV.

Features include a rear-view camera, fireplace and outdoor grill.

Another famous brand is Skyline, which makes both a conventional 5th wheel and a lightweight travel trailer.

Keystone RV offers small and large towable RVs and campers (which they call lifestyle units).

The two smaller models are still considered lightweight at 4,000 pounds, making larger models up to 6,600 pounds.

Heartland also makes great lightweight 5th wheels under 3,500 pounds. They come in several different sizes, and all have the features you would expect from a high-end camping trailer. There are many other great brands out there, too, including Forest River, Palomino, Dutchmen and Airstream!


Capacity is key here. I recommend staying away from anything under 24 feet as it’s not big enough for most people’s needs. If you want something more lightweight, a toy hauler camper and manoeuvrable, look at small trailers or toy haulers that weigh around 5000 pounds.

They’re designed to be easier to tow and park but come with less capacity and features, which some people prefer while others won’t.

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